Undeniably warm, peaceful, and pure, Sweet Grace illuminates with effortless beauty. Full-bodied fruits embrace the heart-warming aroma of sparkling tea and patchouli for a heaven sent fragrance. All candles include a soy-blend wax and lead-free cotton wick

Choose from the following options: 

Noteables Grace and Gratitude Candle- Designed to inspire with its inspirational quote. Burn time is 75-85 hours Content/Weight is 10.4 oz/295 g

Votive Candle-  The multi-faceted surface of the clear votive candle glistens and glows while its lid adds a touch of silver bell flair. Burn time is 25-30 hours Content/Weight is 4.1 oz/116 g

Sweet Grace #011- Unsymmetrical facets of copper-toned mercury glass radiate utter style and a warm glow. Burn time is 90-100 hours Content/Weight is 15.8 oz/450 g 

Sweet Grace #018- Boasting a dappled radiance, illuminated with distressed glass of luminescent pink with a glistering kaleidoscope of speckles. Burn time is 70-80 hours Content/Weight is 18 oz/510 g

Sweet Grace #019- Concave eggshell diamonds and triangles converge with gold boarders and interior. Burn time is 95-105 hours Content/Weight is 17 oz/480 g

Sweet Grace #021- A rose gold mercury finish twinkles across 021's accordion inspired form. 2 wicks. Burn time is 85-95 hours Content/Weight is 23.3 oz/660 g

Sweet Grace #024- Metallic gold splatters team up with stately stripes in this petite but posh design. Burn time is 70-80 hours Content/Weight is 10 oz/285 g 

Sweet Grace #026- 3 wick candle that chic with chevron. The oval glass of this candle is a playground for pattern. Burn time is 30-35 hours Content/Weight is 11.6 oz/330 g 

Sweet Grace #029- Pink hued tapered glass receive high marks for its rippling effect, simply blushing. Burn time is 85-95 hours Content/Weight is 13.6 oz/385 g

Sweet Grace #034- Add a pop of pink to your space with this 2 wick sweet grace candle textured glass vessel. Burn time is 125-135 hours Content/Weight is 24.3 oz/690 g 

Sweet Grace #035- Grey textured vessel features a wooden lid with its best selling fragrance. Burn time is 60-70 hours Content/Weight is 15.7 oz/445 g