Stain for your DIY projects

Bio Savvy ® Stain is a waterborne alkyd, soya oil, interior and exterior stain. Bio Savvy® Stain is biobased, nontoxic, fume free, zero VOC, and non-flammable. Bio Savvy® Stain was developed to be environmentally and human friendly. Bio Savvy® Stain is 100% biodegradable and contains no solvents, crystalline silica, formaldehyde, or aromatic carbons. Bio Savvy® Stain is safe to apply indoors without requiring protective respiratory equipment and ventilation.

Each 8oz. can covers approx. 50-75 sq. ft.

Use: Bio Savvy ® Stain is transparent and penetrates deep into the substrate to enhance inherent beautiful characteristics of unsealed wood, stone, concrete, uncoated metals, and other textured porous surfaces. Bio Savvy® Stain colors can be layered, blended, and diluted with water to create multi-dimensional unique tones.

Recommended Surfaces: Bio Savvy ® Stain was developed for interior and exterior – unsealed wood furniture, paneling, cabinetry, millwork, wood doors, wood decking, wood fencing, wood railings & porch trim, wood siding & decorative timbers. Formulated for use on porous stones/clay surfaces, as well as, porous textured metals with no coating. Bio Savvy® Stain can be used with flat, chalk/mineral type, porous paints as a glaze application. Bio Savvy® Stain has been created to be used in tandem with Artisan Enhancements mediums. Not recommended for interior flooring or stairs.

Surface Prep: Surfaces to be stained with Bio Savvy® Stain should be free of dirt, dust, grease, wax, silicone, rust, scaling paint, soap residue, and oils. Surfaces should be completely free of mold, mildew, and fungus contamination. Cleaning surfaces with an odorless, mild, dye-free, all-purpose cleaner like Bio Savvy® Super Solution is recommended prior to stain application. Avoid harsh cleaners, thinners, and mineral spirits which can lead to failure of stain application.

Previously painted or sealed surfaces will not accept stain readily. Stripping or sanding may be required before application of Bio Savvy® Stain to achieve maximum penetration. If a stripper, thinner, or cleaner is required to remove existing paint, varnish, or finishes – be sure to wipe back the surface with clean water. Allow the surface to dry and off-gas for 24 hours to ensure no surface residue of chemicals remain prior to staining.

TEST FIRST: Each surface accepts stain differently. We recommend testing the surface to be stained in small, inconspicuous, areas before application to the entire surface. For wood surfaces, the shade and depth of the stained surface will be affected by the color and type of wood. Stain colors and saturation will vary based on the surfaces porosity (higher porosity surfaces accept stain rapidly and tend to be darker in shade) and the amount of stain left on the surface during application.

Application: Before every use stir Bio Savvy® Stain thoroughly prior to application and occasionally during application. Avoid shaking. Shaking leads to air bubbles which can be transferred to the surface and leave behind an inconsistent stain application. If the product is shaken, please allow 1 hour for air bubbles and pockets to dissipate in can before opening and stirring.

For a standard stain application – Apply one even coat using a quality tool, such as, a natural or synthetic bristle brush specified for stain applications, a roller (5-10mm), a quality sponge brush applicator, stain pad, or quality sprayer (pressure 1500-2500 psi and nozzle 0.013 – 0.017). To achieve deeper richer tones, stain can be left on the surface (allowed to penetrate) without wiping back with a cloth. For a more transparent finish, while stain is still wet on the surface, wipe back with a cloth removing excess stain. After the recommended recoat dry time has expired (approx. 2 hours), additional coats of stain may be applied. Increase the depth (darkness) of the stain color by adding a second coat or layer a second Bio Savvy® Stain color for custom tones. Additional coats should only be applied after the recommended dry and recoating times have elapsed.

Dry Time: Under normal conditions, Bio Savvy® Stain is tack free in 1 hour, recoatable in 2 Hours. For oil based stains, the surface should not feel tacky once dry. If the surface feels tacky more dry time is required.

Normal conditions include the following controlled variables- a dry surface, access to fresh air flow, moderate relative humidity (below 70%), and temperatures above 55°F but lower than 100°F.

Thickness of application, number of coats, porosity of surface, high humidity, or conditions outside the scope of “normal conditions” will cause Bio Savvy® Stain to dry and cure more slowly. Recoat and Dry times will need to be extended.

Cure time before use: Ideally allow final coat to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before use of the surface.

Furniture surfaces to be painted: Always do a test sample piece of desired finish to help determine the length of cure time needed before painting. Surfaces to be painted should be allowed to cure 72 hours – 14 days prior to painting depending on number of stain coats applied, thickness of each coat, humidity, and desired paint finish.

Additional Sealers & Topcoats: Bio Savvy® Stain does not require an additional sealer. However, additional sealers, waxes, varnishes, or topcoats can be applied to increase sheen, smoothness of finish, or antiquing. Optional sealers should be applied after ample time has been given for the surface to dry and cure. Follow sealers and waxes manufacturer’s guidelines for application over stained surfaces.

Clean-Up: Tools should be cleaned after use with a solution of soapy warm water or Bio Savvy® Super Solution.


Covers 50-75 sq feet.


Bio Savvy® products have been to developed to replace widely used products which contain hazardous and toxic chemicals. Although reducing the adverse environmental effects is a key objective for Bio Savvy® Brands, a more crucial concern is the health and well being of our customers, artisans, and trades people.