My Drink Bomb; The Original Drink Bomb


The Original Drink Bomb are artisan handcrafted cocktail Drink Bomb made with natural ingredients, edible flowers Andy natural fruit flavors for your drinks. Simply add a Drink Bomb to sparkling water then add your favorite alcohol of choice and garnish- it’s that easy! A new fun twist to drinking cocktails or mock-tails.

Choose from either the variety 6 pack containing the flavors Lavender Lush Bomb, Prosecco Rose Bomb, Bellini Blush Bomb, Cosmo Bomb, Margarita Bomb, and Hangover.You can also choose a 2 pack flavor. The flavors we offer in the two pack are the Cosmo Bomb, Margarita Bomb and Prosecco Rose Bomb. 

DON’T  MISS OUT ON THE SUGAR! Every cocktail deserves a little bling so add some sparkle and glamour to your cocktail with the Cocktail sugars made with 100% cane sugar infused with aromatic elixirs, edible flowers and gold dust. Choose from Cosmo Bomb, Margarita Bomb and Prosecco Bomb.