250 Piece Wooden Puzzles with Pouch


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250 piece wooden puzzles

Regift to share joy. Keep it moving.

These wood puzzles are self gift-wrapped and gift-tagged, allowing you to easily share with friends or family members after you complete them. The deluxe satin-lined canvas carrying pouch is called the Pass-It-on Pouch™. It not only serves as a gorgeous puzzle container, 250 Piece Wooden Puzzles with Pouch is the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

(A puzzle in a cardboard box? Never!) it also invites you to tag your gift uniquely: Literally write your name and your puzzle completion date on the pouch itself, then finish with the recipient's name.

Lovingly cut from real wood with intricate lasers. Wood pieces are dropped into place rather than being pressed into place like today’s mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The experience is unlike any other, providing a rewarding *click* with each placed piece.

Contains 250 total pieces, including 6 custom-designed Treasure Pieces. 250 Piece Wooden Puzzles with Pouch.

11.5" x 11.5" completed puzzle size. Includes Pouch and carrying strap. 250 Piece Wooden Puzzles with Pouch.